Bosch Alarm Systems 2000/3000/6000

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Be smart about your & business security. Let the Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 systems protect your home, family & business.

Keeping your home, family & business safe doesn’t need to be complicated. The Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 series security systems are so easy to use — Just “one touch.”

You can rely on Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 security systems.​

You work hard to have the things that you have and your home is your sanctuary. When an intruder breaks into your home there is a loss that is not easily replaced. You lose your peace of mind and that sense of security that your home provided not to mention how you feel about the items destroyed or stolen. The Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 alarm panel series Systems offers you the perfect solution. It’s a security system that has all the technology needed to identify intruders to your home, without being difficult to use. Protects the things you love, whilst providing you with a reliable home security system at your fingertips.

State of the art communications, available with Bosch Security Systems

With the installation of the National Broadband Network, understanding how your Bosch Security System is going to handle and report alarms is very important. While offering Alarm reporting features as existing Alarm Systems, the Solution 2000 & 3000 have a range of communication extension modules that directly integrate with the panels and provide additional options such as mobile communication via the GSM & GPRS networks, including IP reporting through the Internet. An Ethernet module with an IP connection makes the panel fully NBN compatible and most Alarm Monitoring Centres in Australia can handle the IP communications from the Solution 2000 & 3000 including Polled monitoring with 4G Modules.

The Alarm System Should Work the way you want it to in your home.

The Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 Alarm Systems have multiple codepad options that allow you to have the user experience to suite your style and your home. The Icon codepad offers an unobtrusive complement of decor to your home. The Icons are easy to identify the status of your Bosch security system at any time. The Alphanumeric codepad displays all the information in real text allowing you to identify the causes of an alarm, including control multiple areas simultaneously for example separating the house from the external shed or garage. Also, the Touchscreen codepad allows for a true lifestyle user experience with a variety of aesthetically pleasing and simple to use options with additional features.

Wireless Bosch Security Alarm Systems.

Easy to control Bosch Alarm System with the inclusion of wireless keyfobs that give you to arming & disarming capability of your Bosch Alarm System, you can control external devices and activate a panic alarm if you are out of reach the Bosch codepad. Experience the true power of the wireless options with the Bosch Solution 3000 Security Alarm System this includes integration of the Bosch RADION wireless transmitters. There is a growing suite of wireless products and equipment including motion detectors, door & window reed switches, and keyfob remotes.

So the choice is yours of how you wish to use your Bosch Security System , including Touch Screens & wireless remote control.

Your Home security is at your fingertips.

When your away from your home and you want to make sure you have armed the alarm system or you want to open the garage door and the remote has been misplaced, Just open up your Bosch Remote Control app and you’ll be able to fully control of your Bosch Alarm system through your IOS or Android smartphone. Including turning on and turning off your Bosch Alarm system, activate external devices such as garage doors, air conditioning, or smart lighting, or simply just check what time the kids turned the alarm on in the morning when they went to school –these features and lots more are built into the intuitive Bosch app.

Your new Bosch Security System gives you flexibility is agile and provides piece of mind. The Bosch 2000 Supports up to 8 fully programmable zones and 16 fully programmable zones on the Solution 3000, this range of Bosch Security Alarm Systems are suitable for any home, and commercial premises. Four codepads can be installed on both panels and two separate partitionable areas can be set up on the Solution 3000, effectively one security system that can work as two. The house granny flat and garage can be secured by the one security system very cost effectively. Each area can report to a different Back to Base monitoring centre if required – this is the perfect arrangement for a shared premises such as a duplex house or a commercial premises.