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Choose Imperial Security & Fire for reliable and advanced access control systems in Sydney. Leveraging 25 years of expertise, we deliver effective security solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Understanding What is an Access Control System

Access Control Systems Sydney

An access control system is more than just a means to unlock doors. It’s a crucial part of a comprehensive security strategy that allows you to manage, control, and monitor the entry and exit points of your property.

At Imperial Security & Fire, we integrate advanced technologies to create a system tailored to your needs, offering you peace of mind and full control over your premises.

Access Control Systems Sydney

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Features of Our Door Access Control Systems

Card access control systems Sydney

Complete Control

A true Access Control System requires management software you can trust. At Imperial Security & Fire, we provide you with the tools that allow your organisation total control including remote access capabilities, full audit tracking and more.

At Imperial Security & Fire, we also offer Remote Management Plans that allow us to troubleshoot remotely, activate new users on your behalf and provide reporting on request.

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Tailored Solutions

From access cards/fobs to biometric entry options, Imperial Security & Fire is ready to design an Access Control System that meets the specific needs of your site, incorporating a level of security you can trust.

We offer Preventative Maintenance packages to take the guess work out of servicing, ensuring your system delivers, meeting scheduled and on-site requirements with limited to no downtime.

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Full Integration

At Imperial Security & Fire, we offer full integration, allowing your Access Control system to fully integrate with all onsite security equipment – from Alarm Systems, CCTV, Intercom & Building Management Systems.

Why Choose Our Access Control Security Systems?

Imperial Security access control systems Sydney

Your Investment, Our Protection:

For over 25 years, we’ve delivered unmatched access control security systems across Sydney. Our expertise in the field has fostered strong partnerships with key technology providers, ensuring that your system meets the demands of your working environment.

Expert Consultation for Businesses:

Businesses can benefit from our specialized solutions that focus on enhancing security measures for entry door lock access control systems and comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to safeguard their premises.

Reliable Solutions for Various Door Types:

From standard doors to glass doors, our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly, providing a dependable solution regardless of the door type at your facility.

Our Services


Enhanced safety with cutting-edge CCTV systems. Monitor your premises anytime, anywhere, with high-quality video for complete peace of mind.

Alarm Systems

Secure your property with our advanced alarm systems. Quick and efficient alert mechanism against any unwelcome intrusion for residential or commercial sites.

Access Control

Optimise site security with our bespoke access control systems. Suitable for small to large businesses, ensuring only authorised personnel gain access.

Intercom Systems

Strengthen premises security with comprehensive intercom solutions. Ideal for homes and businesses, allowing controlled access and improved peace of mind.

Imperial Alarm Screens

Experience security that doesn't compromise comfort. Our Alarm Screens provide superior protection while letting fresh air in.

Alarm Monitoring

Ensure 24/7 protection with our professional back to base monitoring services. Enhancing security by keeping constant vigilance over your premises.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay a step ahead with our preventative maintenance plans. We help ensure your security systems stay up-to-date, minimising potential downtime.


Streamline your security with integrated systems. Linking your alarm, CCTV, and access control system enhances efficiency and improves overall site management.

What is the importance of installing an access control system?

Access control systems are crucial for maintaining the security and safety of your property. They allow you to manage and monitor the entry and exit points, preventing unauthorised access and safeguarding your assets and occupants.

Can your access control systems be integrated with other existing security systems?

Yes, our access control systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security setups including CCTV, alarm systems, and building management systems, providing a comprehensive security solution.

What options are available for door access control systems for business?

We offer a variety of options tailored to business needs, including biometric entry systems, access cards, and fobs. We also provide specialised solutions for different door types, including glass doors, ensuring secure and controlled access to your premises.

How do you customise an access control system according to individual premises needs?

Our team conducts a thorough site assessment to understand the specific needs of your premises. Based on the evaluation, we tailor a system that integrates necessary components such as biometric options, entry cards, and more to meet your security requirements.

What measures do you take to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the access control systems?

We offer preventive maintenance packages to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your system. This includes regular check-ups and servicing, ensuring limited to no downtime and consistent ‘always on’ security.

How does the remote management of access control systems work?

Our remote management plans facilitate remote access capabilities, allowing us to troubleshoot issues, activate new users, and provide detailed reporting at your request, ensuring smooth and continuous operation of your security systems.

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