Security Alarm Monitoring Sydney

Alarm Monitoring Services Sydney

For over 30 years, Imperial Security & Fire has been providing Grade 1 Professional Back to Base Monitoring Services to both Residential and Business premises across Sydney.

Professional Back to Base Monitoring offers you an enhanced level of security that protects your site 24/7, even if you’re not there. Integrating with your existing onsite security equipment, Imperial Security & Fire offers solutions including Grade 1 Alarm Monitoring, Video Monitoring and specializes in back to base monitoring for high-risk sites such as hospitals & nursing homes.

In addition to intruder detection, we offer a range of monitoring services including air conditioning plant alarms, lone worker devices, temperature alarms, emergency, duress & hold up alarms, vehicle GPS and satellite tracking, video verification, portable assets monitoring, water level alarms, medical monitoring and more. Tailored to meet your needs, we offer Monitoring Solutions with patrol responses & a level of on-demand comprehensive reporting that exceeds expectations.

Security video and alarm monitoring Sydney

Our Alarm Monitoring service team monitors and responds to alarm signals 24 hours 7 days a week, with a Grade 1 control room certified by ASIAL and offering redundancy via an additional control room/monitoring centre. For this reason, you can rest assured knowing that you are always in good hands.

We understand how a situation can escalate in a few minutes therefore we react promptly. When an alarm is received, your individually customised response is put into action. We use state of the art technology to monitor all alarms & we provide devices that allow you remote access to your site, giving you the luxury of remoting arming your site when you’re notified that the alarm has not been ‘turned on’.

Security video and alarm monitoring Sydney NSW

Alarm Monitoring

Professional Back to Base Monitoring offers you complete peace of mind. At Imperial Security & Fire, our Monitoring plans are designed to strengthen your onsite security. We believe we have refined the right mix of products and support for our customers & have a solid reputation for always being available for support and assistance. We work closely with you, and we create customised solutions that incorporate the latest technology, providing a customised monitoring solution and associated services to meet your needs and to add value to your business.

Video monitoring services Sydney

Video Monitoring

At Imperial Security & Fire, we offer a range of fully integrated CCTV Monitoring options, allowing your onsite CCTV security system to
work in tandem with your Alarm Monitoring. Video Monitoring enhances your security,
allowing trained back to base monitoring operators access to your CCTV System for immediate assessment of onsite conditions through visual verification.

Video monitoring reporting Sydney


Whatever your Residential or Commercial requirements, at Imperial Security & Fire we deliver an unrivaled level of reporting. Per your instructions, we can provide daily, weekly, or monthly reporting – ensuring we improve the way you manage all aspects of your site security. Our inhouse data entry team are on hand to assist with all your ongoing monitoring requirement, with emergency data entry changes made by our fully operational response centre. From simple after-hours contact changes to restricted access requirements – we’re here to support you.

Our Services


Enhanced safety with cutting-edge CCTV systems. Monitor your premises anytime, anywhere, with high-quality video for complete peace of mind.

Alarm Systems

Secure your property with our advanced alarm systems. Quick and efficient alert mechanism against any unwelcome intrusion for residential or commercial sites.

Access Control

Optimise site security with our bespoke access control systems. Suitable for small to large businesses, ensuring only authorised personnel gain access.

Intercom Systems

Strengthen premises security with comprehensive intercom solutions. Ideal for homes and businesses, allowing controlled access and improved peace of mind.

Imperial Alarm Screens

Experience security that doesn't compromise comfort. Our Alarm Screens provide superior protection while letting fresh air in.

Alarm Monitoring

Ensure 24/7 protection with our professional back to base monitoring services. Enhancing security by keeping constant vigilance over your premises.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay a step ahead with our preventative maintenance plans. We help ensure your security systems stay up-to-date, minimising potential downtime.


Streamline your security with integrated systems. Linking your alarm, CCTV, and access control system enhances efficiency and improves overall site management.

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