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At Imperial Security & Fire, we are committed to providing unparalleled safety through tailored solutions. Here’s why we stand out in Neutral Bay:

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Explore our comprehensive range of security solutions designed for maximum protection.


High-definition surveillance systems offering around-the-clock visibility and security.

Alarm Systems

Advanced alarm solutions tailored to detect and alert any unauthorised entry.

Access Control

Secure access systems to control who enters your premises, ensuring safety and compliance.

Intercom Systems

Enhance communication and security at entry points with state-of-the-art intercom technology.

Alarm Monitoring

Continuous monitoring services to respond swiftly to any security breaches.

Alarm Screens

Innovative screens that integrate alarms for added security on windows and doors.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular upkeep to ensure your security systems operate flawlessly and without interruption.

Video Response Monitoring

Live monitoring solutions that provide real-time responses to security alerts.

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At Imperial Security & Fire, we tailor our services to meet the specific security needs of Neutral Bay residents and businesses.

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Case Studies

Residential Security Overhaul

A residential community in Neutral Bay faced recurring security issues.

We customised a complete security package that included alarm screens, video response monitoring, and preventative maintenance.

This overhaul not only prevented potential threats but also fostered a safer living environment, leading to a notable decrease in reported incidents and increased resident satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal security solution for your business depends on factors like your industry, premises layout, and the specific risks you want to address.

Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your needs to recommend a system that offers the right mix of features, affordability, and scalability for your Neutral Bay business.

Intercom systems seamlessly integrate with your home security for a powerful upgrade. Benefits include:

  • Secure Verification: See and speak to visitors before remotely allowing access.
  • Deterrent Effect: Intercoms make your home less of an easy target for opportunists.
  • Convenience: Easily talk to family members throughout the house and manage deliveries even when you’re out.

Here are key factors to evaluate:

  • Level of control needed: Do you need strict access for different staff or zones?
  • Authentication method: Think card readers, biometrics, or keypad-based access.
  • Scalability: Can your system grow easily as your business requirements change?
  • Integration needs: Will you want to link access control to time tracking or other systems?

Alarm monitoring provides 24/7 protection. When your alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to a central monitoring centre. Trained operators verify the situation and dispatch the appropriate response, whether that’s contacting you, emergency services, or dispatching a security patrol.

Regular maintenance ensures your system stays reliable. Expect:

  • Battery Checks: Backup batteries must be tested for optimal performance.
  • Sensor Cleaning: Clean sensors catch movement or intrusions more effectively.
  • Software Updates: These often include security patches and feature enhancements.
  • Professional Testing: Annual tests by a licensed technician verify system integrity.

Yes, many modern CCTV cameras have infrared (IR) capabilities for night vision. These cameras produce clear images even in low-light or complete darkness, providing ongoing protection.

Security system costs vary based on the size of your property, the features chosen, and the complexity of the installation. Contact us for a personalised consultation and get a competitive quote tailored for your Neutral Bay home or business.

We’re here to make the process easy! To discuss your security needs and get a no-obligation quote, you can:

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