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Introducing Video Response Monitoring.
A Level of Security You Deserve
‘We have been using Imperial Security for over 20 years… always come promptly for any service or advice and give us peace of mind by reminding us when batteries need to be replaced and system serviced each year. Highly recommended!’
B. Mann
‘Our strata block of units recently installed a CCTV system and are very happy we chose Imperial Security & Fire. Not only were Imperial the fairest priced (and far better than most), but more importantly, a very professional and customer focussed company.’
S. Gould
Service that Exceeds Industry Standards
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Security Systems Sydney

Professional installation and repairs of intruder security alarm systems are vital to secure homes and businesses in Sydney and across Australia, allowing owners autonomy over their home or business security systems and enabling them to monitor any activity on their premises 24/7.

Imperial Security is based in Sydney and provides professional installation and repairs of security alarm systems for monitoring your home and commercial property, to ensure your property remains protected no matter what happens or where you are. Our expert team has over three decades of industry experience and are highly skilled in installing, maintaining, and monitoring your security systems. We guarantee that our customer service is exemplary; every client receives the same high-level service, and we ensure to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our Services


Enhanced safety with cutting-edge CCTV systems. Monitor your premises anytime, anywhere, with high-quality video for complete peace of mind.

Alarm Systems

Secure your property with our advanced alarm systems. Quick and efficient alert mechanism against any unwelcome intrusion for residential or commercial sites.

Access Control

Optimise site security with our bespoke access control systems. Suitable for small to large businesses, ensuring only authorised personnel gain access.

Intercom Systems

Strengthen premises security with comprehensive intercom solutions. Ideal for homes and businesses, allowing controlled access and improved peace of mind.

Imperial Alarm Screens

Experience security that doesn't compromise comfort. Our Alarm Screens provide superior protection while letting fresh air in.

Alarm Monitoring

Ensure 24/7 protection with our professional back to base monitoring services. Enhancing security by keeping constant vigilance over your premises.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay a step ahead with our preventative maintenance plans. We help ensure your security systems stay up-to-date, minimising potential downtime.


Streamline your security with integrated systems. Linking your alarm, CCTV, and access control system enhances efficiency and improves overall site management.

Why Are Security Systems Crucial for Safety Practices?

Imperial Security & Fire’s professional installation of security systems allows you to keep track of your assets at home or your business premises, regardless of your physical presence on the property. Electronic security systems provide several advantages for homes and commercial properties, for example:

  • Protect Your Assets: Purchasing security alarm systems for your business allows you to prevent external and internal theft from occurring. In case of any fraudulent activity transpiring, you can thoroughly investigate the matter with the help of our CCTV security systems’ video cameras and pinpoint the alarm event. Our Sydney team at Imperial Security & Fire will cover every detail of your security alarm systems installation and repairs for your residential and commercial property.
  • Safe Work Environment: Employees working long hours or shift workers will feel safe knowing there is a security system in their workplace, reassuring them that they’re protected. In case of emergencies, such as an intruder entering the premises, a commercial security system is in place to alert personnel of the trespasser.
  • Protection When Unattended: A professional installation of a security alarm system by Imperial Security & Fire allows you to monitor your commercial Sydney property even when you are far from the premises. With applications on your smartphone or computer providing alerts and a professionally installed CCTV system, you can verify any activity onsite.
  • VMS: Depending on the size of your home or commercial business premises we can offer you CCTV systems with unlimited capacity. video management software enables you to oversee the movement of personnel, can enable Licence Plate Recognition or facial recognition in your commercial or retail premises.
  • Secure High-Risk Areas: With the help of our CCTV & security systems installation, you can remotely monitor high-risk areas in your properties. Deterring criminal activity from occurring on the site.

How Do Home Security Systems Protect Your Sydney Residence?

Many homeowners invest in home security systems to protect their properties from intruders and theft. Your home security system can also:

  • Prevent House Fires: Using smoke detectors connected to our home security systems, allows you to react quickly if a fire breaks out in your residence. It provides early warning notifications to those at home to evacuate and the remote monitoring service immediately to prevent any further damage to the property.
  • Constant Surveillance: After your home or commercial security alarm system has been installed or repaired, you have will have complete peace of mind to supervise everything in and around your house or business. In the case of a break-in, you can contact the authorities promptly and have solid evidence for insurance purposes and potentially reduce your insurance premiums.

How to Perform Security Alarm Systems Maintenance and Repairs for Your Home or Business?

At Imperial Security & Fire, we have a preventative maintenance plan in place for all our customers. We keep your security alarm systems equipment up-to-date and perform maintenance and repairs through scheduled visits by our expert technicians. We also provide remote management of your business security system to consistently manage your system’s backend work and programming as needed. This prevents any future problems arising in the security systems and allows for easy upgrades without you having to lift a finger!

Hire Imperial Security & Fire for Your Security Alarm Systems Installation and Repairs in Sydney

We provide top industry-grade security alarm systems to our clients and guarantee to deliver results beyond customer expectations. Whether it’s home security systems or business security systems installations, we can customise everything according to your requirements.

Moreover, as a platinum member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited, we are one of Sydney’s leading security systems providers for residential and commercial properties. Connect with one of our expert team members at 1300 793 489 to request a quote or send through an enquiry to have your security alarm system repairs or installation started today!

Our Clients

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Platinum Corporate Member Signature Logo 2023

Memberships, Registrations & Certifications

Imperial Security & Fire takes great pride in the industry certifications, memberships, and registrations we’ve earned over our decades-long operation:

ASIAL Platinum Membership

Platinum Corporate Member Signature Logo 2023

The Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) has granted us Platinum Membership, a prestigious status earned by companies with a minimum 25-year track record. We are one of only 48 companies across Australia to hold this recognition.

Security Industry Master Licence

We are certified by the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate, governed by NSW Police.

ASIAL & ACMA Licensing

Both our Director and technical staff meet the rigorous licensing requirements of ASIAL and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), further solidifying our commitment to providing top-tier security solutions.

These credentials attest to our relentless pursuit of excellence in the security industry.

About Imperial Security & Fire

Imperial Security & Fire is a leading provider in the Security & Fire industry with over 30 years of experience. Our Australian-owned company is driven by a mission to deliver a safe and secure environment for our clients, using state-of-the-art technology to improve lives and protect assets.

Specialising in a comprehensive range of services, including Bosch Alarm Systems, CCTV installations, Access Control Systems, Intercom Systems, Alarm Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance Services, we are proud to offer security solutions to residential and business premises across Sydney. 

We’ve built lasting relationships with our clients based on our commitment to excellence, responsive support, and deep understanding of their unique security needs. 

Our after-sales service is a testament to our dedication, serving a diverse range of industries, from corporate and retail to residential premises. 

As a Platinum ASIAL member, we strive to exceed expectations, ensuring your peace of mind is our priority.