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Since 1989, Paradox has been designing & manufacturing security systems for clients across the globe. With a range that includes The Magellan, Spectra & EVO, Paradox continue to produce innovative, user-friendly security systems that meet the demands of a whole range of environments.
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The Magellan (MG) Series

Easy to install and packed with features, the Magellan best suits any residential or small commercial premises. From the MG5050, complete with 32 Zones, an inbuilt receiver, and the ability to combine wired and wireless devices to the MG6250 that offers up to 64 wireless zones, the Paradox Magellan series offers a wealth of options.

Spectra SP Series

The Spectra SP Series provides outstanding reliability, with an emphasis on flexible expansion and access to reliablcommunication technology. From the Paradox SP4000 to the Paradox SP65, the Spectra series offers access to Paradox’s exclusive StayD feature – a revolutionary feature that is always armed and only partly disarmed when entering or exiting a site (StayD is also available for the MG5000, MG5050 & MG5075).

The EVO Series

Ideal for high end residential or commercial premises, the Paradox EVO series is a powerful integrated system providing alarm and access control features, enabling management of up to 32 doors.

Our Services


Enhanced safety with cutting-edge CCTV systems. Monitor your premises anytime, anywhere, with high-quality video for complete peace of mind.

Alarm Systems

Secure your property with our advanced alarm systems. Quick and efficient alert mechanism against any unwelcome intrusion for residential or commercial sites.

Access Control

Optimise site security with our bespoke access control systems. Suitable for small to large businesses, ensuring only authorised personnel gain access.

Intercom Systems

Strengthen premises security with comprehensive intercom solutions. Ideal for homes and businesses, allowing controlled access and improved peace of mind.

Imperial Alarm Screens

Experience security that doesn't compromise comfort. Our Alarm Screens provide superior protection while letting fresh air in.

Alarm Monitoring

Ensure 24/7 protection with our professional back to base monitoring services. Enhancing security by keeping constant vigilance over your premises.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay a step ahead with our preventative maintenance plans. We help ensure your security systems stay up-to-date, minimising potential downtime.


Streamline your security with integrated systems. Linking your alarm, CCTV, and access control system enhances efficiency and improves overall site management.

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